Ask NMC: What’s next for an accepted student, how do I take a tour and more

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Ask NMC is a regular feature on the NMC Explore Blog set up for you to ask questions about NMC and for us to find the answers.

In this edition, we answer questions about what we do with items or equipment me no longer need, what the demographics of NMC students look like and how a prospective student can sign up for a campus tour.

Q: I have already applied to NMC and was accepted. I was wondering what the next step is?

Congratulations on being admitted to Northwestern Michigan College!

As a newly admitted student, your next step is to register for a New Student Orientation session. Visit for dates/times. The next session is scheduled for Tuesday, June 24.

If we do not have your ACT scores on file, you will also either need to send us ACT electronically by visiting (download a pdf)  complete the COMPASS test. Test scores must be submitted to our office prior to attending orientation. Learn more at

Feel free to contact our office at or (855) FIND-NMC with any questions.Welcome to Northwestern Michigan College!

Q: I was wondering how NMC sells used/no longer needed items?

From time to time Northwestern Michigan College does have items that are in good working order that for whatever reason are no longer needed, and some of those items are listed on Craigslist or in the classified ads of the Traverse City Record-Eagle and advertised for sale.

Q: How does a student breakdown of NMC or other community college students differ from those at universities?

The difference is becoming less and less every year, but the main difference is that community college students tend to be older than students at universities.  The average age of an NMC student is 27 and the average age nationwide for community college students is 28.

There are currently 19.7 million student enrolled in college in the United States and more than eight million of those attend community college.  In fact, 43% of all first time college freshmen attending college right now are at a community college.

The average community college student will save almost $5,000 over attending a four-year state university and $20,000 a year over attending a private four-year college or university.  Community college is an especially great way to start your college education.  The fastest growing segment in colleges right now are community college students transferring to four-year colleges and universities.  It’s never been easier to transfer credits, and there’s another great benefit.  Those students are better prepared when they go.  Community college transfers, on average, earn higher grade point averages at the universities they transfer to, than their new classmates who started at that university.

NMC serves about 6,600 different students in an academic year, and offers more than 60 areas of study.  Thanks to local donors, the NMC Foundation has provided almost $50 million to support NMC programs, scholarships, facilities and services.  Last year, the NMC Foundation awarded more than $985,000 in scholarships to 935 NMC students, an average of $1,054 per student.

Q: I’m considering coming to NMC and would like to tour the campus.  How do I do that, and can my mom come with?

Not only do we encourage anyone considering attending NMC to come and take a tour, but we also love it when they bring family members with them.  Where you go to college is a huge decision, and the more you know about your options, the better choice you’ll make.  We offer individual and family tours every Monday and Friday, and you can see a list of available tour dates and times, and sign up for one online.  If those times don’t work for you, let us know and we’ll find a way to arrange a tour for you.  Also, you can start to get a feel for all of our campuses by taking our interactive virtual tour.

Go ahead and sign up for a visit.  We can’t wait to meet you.

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