From NMC to Salamander Technologies

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Longin_KlocLongin Kloc (Class of 1999) was pursuing a dream to be a firefighter in Illinois when a friend he was dating, a native of South Boardman, Michigan, mentioned that NMC had an excellent program in visual communications.

He came to the quick realization that a disproportionate percentage of firefighters were volunteers and therefore decided to move to Traverse City to tap into his creative side enrolling in the vVisual communications program at NMC.

Longin shared that all his education funneled through NMC.  If it wasn’t for NMC, he likely would not have completed a bachelors and MBA at the University Center given his desire to stay in Traverse City for personal and professional reasons. Longin is currently the General Manager of Operations and Director of Marketing for Salamander Technologies in Traverse City.

Salamander provides first responders and emergency managers with the tools they need to manage incidents by offering a superior auto ID system that accounts for all personnel, verifies responder identities, and enhances situational awareness at an incident, emergency, or field event.

All my education funneled through NMC.

Longin had a wonderful experience as a student at NMC.  He looks forward to getting more involved with the College assisting students with internships and has had the rewarding opportunity to review Visual Communication’s capstone portfolios.

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