From NMC to Forensic Nursing

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NMC alumna Kimberly A. Womack is Director of Emerald Coast Forensic Services and the President of International Association of Forensic Nurses

While stationed in Traverse City with the United States Coast Guard, it was perfect timing to begin the nursing program at NMC before we moved again to start nursing school.

I credit the nursing faculty (Mrs. Molvang, Dr. Vanderkolk, and many others) for where I am today in nursing. They provided me with an excellent foundation that well prepared me to practice as an RN when I graduated and to continue my education.

Kimberly Womack

I have been practicing in the emergency department setting since 1990 and forensically since 1999. I would not change a day of the last 23 years…I love being a nurse.

A forensic nurse is a nurse who provides specialized care for patients who are victims and/or perpetrators of trauma (both intentional and unintentional).  Forensic Nurses are NURSES first and foremost; however, the specialized role of forensic nurses goes far beyond medical care.

Forensic nurses also have a specialized knowledge of the legal system and skills in injury identification, evaluation, and documentation.  After attending to a patient’s immediate medical needs, a forensic nurse often collects evidence, provides medical testimony in court, and consults with legal authorities.

NMC was the catalyst for my amazing nursing career…I cannot say thank you enough!!

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