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Posted on Nov 12, 2013 | 0 comments

Paige Jehnke is a student at NMC’s Great Lakes Maritime Academy. She is completing a sea project for the fall semester of her junior year in the engine room of the M/V Taku, a ferry which travels the Alaska Marine Highway. Paige is blogging about her adventures and has graciously allowed us to share her updates.

Today a new engineering student cam aboard. Fred. He is from the area and has enrolled in a three month oiler training program next January. He is fulfilling his sea time for the coast guard aboard the M/V Taku. He will be here for the next 60 days.

Fred has much experience working as a carpenter, machinist, and for many different operating facilities. He is knowledgeable about the systems and has many skills allowing him to take apart and reassemble many machines with ease and grace. So I am still the awkward girl who gets “lefty loosey; righty tighty” wrong.

I enjoy having another student to consult when we are given little assignments. He makes the use of power tools less daunting and can always find where to cut the power for electrical assignments.

This is the Jr. engineer Dave, 1st Assistant Engineer Dennis, new student Fred, and myself fueling. Just getting 18,000 gallons of diesel.



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