Paige Jehnke is a student at NMC’s Great Lakes Maritime Academy. She is completing a sea project for the fall semester of her junior year in the engine room of the M/V Taku, a ferry which travels the Alaska Marine Highway. Paige is blogging about her adventures and has graciously allowed us to share her updates.

Today, September 3, 2013, I start my fall semester aboard the M/V Taku. The Taku is a passenger/car ferry with Alaska Marine Highway. I will arrive this evening in Juneau to meet the ship. The ship does a daily run between Juneau, Skagway, and Haines. I have never been to Southeast Alaska before and I am anxious to get there. This internship will be counted as sea days towards my 3rd assistant engineer’s license, which I will receive at the end of my four years of schooling. I will complete assignments and help carry out engine room tasks.

Basically, I will always smell like diesel or lube oil.

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