From NMC to Ameriprise Financial – Matthew Cunningham

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“NMC has program flexibility that allows students to transition smoothly and confidently to institutions such as the University of Michigan.” — NMC alum Matthew Cunningham

cunningham_matthew 2Why NMC?

After high school I started working on the line at a local manufacturing plant. It didn’t take long to come to the realization that I had dissimilar professional aspirations.  I enrolled at NMC, it was local, and a highly regarded community college. NMC offered me the flexibility to take classes which prepared me for a smooth transition to the University of Michigan.  In addition, my father, William J. Cunningham was a long-time NMC Board of Trustee member.

Faculty Impact

Ernie East, my math professor, was the positive influencer I needed to propel me academically.  I got to know Ernie well and we had meaningful conversations about my future studies.  He wanted me to be a math major but I chose to focus on Economics.  He helped me develop enhanced math skills that equipped me for academic success at the University of Michigan.

NMC to Financial Planning

Thanksgiving of my senior year (1993) at the University of Michigan, I interviewed for a financial planner position at American Express (now Ameriprise Financial). My experience at NMC prepared me for Michigan and combined, I was ready to enter the workforce.

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