From NMC to President of TALENT 2025

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Kevin StottsKevin Stotts enrolled at NMC in the early 1990’s and the decision was very easy.  He attended three different high schools by the time he began his senior year in Traverse City and wasn’t thrilled with the idea of moving again.  He was also unsure of what he wanted to study in college but knew he had a passion for history and politics.  The tuition at NMC was affordable and he felt that he could further explore his academic interests and hopefully save a little money before transferring to complete his bachelor’s degree.

Kevin noted that the faculty at NMC were outstanding, but two in particular stood out – Al Shumsky and Stephen Siciliano.  “I wasn’t a great writer when I entered college and Professor Shumsky was a tough but compassionate critic who helped me immensely.  Dr. Siciliano had this amazing way of teaching history through stories and he fueled my love of the subject that continues today.”

After earning an associate’s degree, he enrolled at Michigan State University.  Upon graduation from MSU, he worked for Governor John Engler and several political campaigns before running a statewide scholarship program for low-income children.  He then went on to become the Vice President of Community Programs at the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce.  He is currently the President of TALENT 2025, a collaborative effort of more than 70 CEOs dedicated to talent development, as well as attraction and retention of talent across West Michigan.

“My time at NMC was formative and a wonderful example of the special role community colleges play in a young person’s higher education and personal success.”

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