NMC Aviation visits the UK

NMC Aviation visits the UK

Posted on Oct 25, 2013

Steve Ursell is Head of International Aviation Programs at NMC and is originally from West Sussex, UK. He was a Flight Instructor for three years before setting up the International Aviation Program for NMC which now includes a number of partnerships with overseas universities in the UK, India, South Africa and South Korea. As part of this successful international program, this summer Steve set up and ran a two week Aviation Course for NMC aviation students in the UK.

After months of planning, five NMC aviation students and I departed Traverse City on August 11, 2013 bound for London, UK, to complete a two week UK aviation course. We completed the same trip two years earlier with eight NMC aviation students, and as per that year, all the students were excited about the prospect of a trip overseas, especially with a focus on aviation and flying.

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